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June 3-5 in Indianapolis

July 28-31 in Boise

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Why Do We Need Creative Churches?

Imagine if the local church became the place in culture to experience creativity, transcendence, and beauty.

Hundreds of years ago churches were, in many ways, centers for these experiences. Somehow, over time we’ve abdicated that role. Now, many churches are experiencing a growing desire to nurture their artists and explore the creative arts.

The Creative Church Conference is a forum for ideas and practices that can take artists and churches to new levels of glorifying God through the arts.

We love artists who at all levels, from non-artists and beginner artists, to emerging and professional artists, and everyone in between.

We love churches of all sizes, denominations, and Christian traditions. We want to bless your church whether you have a flourishing arts ministry or are an individual artist looking to spark the arts in your church. Creative leaders from several movements and denominations share visionary ideas and practical applications. Attendees are encouraged to share during panel discussions and open forums.

Here’s what artists and leaders are saying about their experience at the Creative Church conferences…

“I think it will take me a lifetime to fully understand and express what God did during the Creative Church Conference. …[It is] allowing so many of us to finally find our creative tribe! The effects this will have in God’s kingdom will ripple through eternity.”–Tammy, Duluth, MN

“I am at a loss for words to describe how awesome this weekend was.”

“Amazing weekend with creatives who love to share their faith, prayers, voice and hope in Jesus through all these mediums and more. About 20 different states were present and many of us talked about how much there was to process….in a very good way!”

“Thank you Lord for using so many gifted people to fill a joyous weekend. I am praying for how You will activate this learning in each of our lives as we reach out in our communities and our churches. To YOU be all the glory!”

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