The power of the arts and faith, together.

At the biennial Creative Church Arts Conference October 18-20, creative leaders and renowned artists  share visionary ideas and practical applications for the arts and creativity to flourish in and through you and your congregation.


cropped-lisas-dads-hand.jpgPractical creative ideas and inspiration for the arts in the local church.

Imagine if the local church became known as a place to experience creativity, transcendence, and beauty.

Hundreds of years ago churches were, in many ways, centers for these experiences. Somehow, over time we’ve abdicated that role. Now, many churches have a growing desire to nurture their artists and explore the creative arts.

The Creative Church Arts Conferences are forums for ideas and practices that can take artists and churches to new levels of glorifying God through the arts.

Creative leaders from several movements and denominations will share visionary ideas and practical applications for nurturing creativity in the local church. Attendees are encouraged to share during panel discussions and open forums.

And we’ve built in times of creative refreshing, with the features like an always-open Creative Room, personal prayer ministry and Personal Prayer Art, a Sacred Space Experiences and special field trips.

During the conferences we offer nearly two dozen sessions and workshops on topics such as:

  • loving people through art
  • thriving as an artist in the church
  • developing arts community
  • facilitating wonder
  • the arts and healing
  • partnering with God in your creativity
  • leading artists
  • releasing creativity in your congregation
  • and much more

These are not just conferences for techies. These are not just more conferences for musicians. The Creative Church Arts Conferences are true creative arts conferences that embrace many art forms. They are designed to nurture creativity and spark inspiration in you…and your congregation.

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The Creative Church Arts Conferences are produced by The New Renaissance Arts Movement, a 501 (3)(c) through ACT International.