Two locations!

June 15-17  Indianapolis  

July 13-15   Boise 

Early bird registration ends soon! Register now and save $10 per person!


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  1. John Rigby says:

    Good afternoon. I am very excited to stumble across your conference. My name is (rev) John Rigby and I am 2/3 of the way through a Masters in Visual Arts by research at the Ballarat University in Victoria, Australia. I am an ordained minister in the Wesleyan Church in Australia as well as a practicing artist. My research seeks to demonstrate how visual art can, in a culturally relevant way, assist the Australian church communicate the transformation message of the gospel.
    I am unable to attend the conference due to financial reasons but I would be very interested in any material (CDs, DVDs, handouts etc.) that are produced from the conference.
    It is exciting to see others with a similar passion. Well Done.
    My email address(s):

    1. Jessie says:

      John, we’re excited too! Thanks for writing. I wish you could hop over here; some of our guests are from around the globe, and it’s always so enriching to experience the bigger picture of the worldwide body of Christ. Hopefully the filming of the Boise conference will go well, and we already filmed the Indy conference; it takes a while to edit everything, but we’ll let you know when those DVDs and audio CDs are available for purchase. Take care and God bless the endeavors of your arts community in Australia!

Boise Conference July 25-27

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