An Amazing Gathering in Indianapolis, Thank You! Next Month: Boise!


In Indianapolis this weekend we savored a weekend of ideas, stories, worship, prayer, and fellowship with amazing creatives and leaders who truly care about artists and art in the church. We were all of one heart and mind.

Scott challenged us to do art for the sake of maturity in the Church. Beth opened our eyes, ears, and senses, centering our awareness on one ordinary object, a “third thing,” and our imaginations were primed to soar through being present. Rory melted our hearts with humble encouragement for us, speaking on a few of the heartache of being artistic. Joe… well, this stand-up comic had us laughing through most of it, then unexpectedly slammed us with a challenge of frightening clarity and truth on behalf of artists in our churches. Theresa joyfully led many in the room into healing spiritually, artistically, and even physically. And God gets all the glory.

The workshops were riveting, filled with practical advice and spiritual experience on integrating the arts into the local church… the discussions were electric, and nobody wanted them to end! Worship was divinely filled with visual art, theater, poetry, and music. The panel discussions and creative brainstorming were vital to all the churches represented in the room as we all pondered our future together.

This is a true movement of God.

See you next month at the next Creative Church Conference in Boise, Idaho July 13-15!