Creative Church 16 T shirt headerWhen you look closely at Vincent Van Gogh’s famous Starry Night, you’ll see that Van Gogh depicted a village of houses with their individual lights on, a warm glow coming from each window– except the church …. well, the church lights are off. No warm glow. Only darkness. Coldness.

You see, the organized church mistreated Van Gogh, who was an artist who yearned to be a minister. They didn’t see his passion as something to be valued, or his creativity as being in God’s own image. The shy painter didn’t measure up to their image of what a minister should be.

Creative Church T shirt design blue closeup

So in our design, we wanted to see what happens when you turn those church lights on. We think it’s a good and true fit: the church loving artists, and artists loving the church.

You can click here to order a shirt online. Colors available are blue, gray, teal, purple, or brown. Shipping is available for $5.

(If you’re in Boise you can order by cash, check, or debit card at the Vineyard Boise Book Store.)


All sizes are unisex with a modern, close fit. If you prefer a looser fit, order yours one size larger.

Quote on the back of the T-shirt:

t shirt back OL light gold ink