Here’s what artists and leaders are saying about their experience at the Creative Church conferences:

“I think it will take me a lifetime to fully understand and express what God did during the Creative Church Conference. …[It is] allowing so many of us to finally find our creative tribe! The effects this will have in God’s kingdom will ripple through eternity.”–Tammy, Duluth, MN

“I am at a loss for words to describe how awesome this weekend was.”

“Amazing weekend with creatives who love to share their faith, prayers, voice and hope in Jesus through all these mediums and more. About 20 different states were present and many of us talked about how much there was to process….in a very good way!”

“At the 2014 conference, I had an epiphany about something that was the most significant spiritual experience I’ve had since salvation, relating to anointing and equipping for ministry.”

“I was both inspired and encouraged. I was asking for a God-encounter and felt like he met me right where I needed it most. [The speaker’s] message felt like he was speaking right to my heart. I couldn’t even take notes I was just so affected by what God was speaking to me… validating and challenging. I was also inspired when I took his workshop/forum… realizing that what God had given me years ago — a passion for the spiritual formation of artists in the Kingdom — had not died, but has been renewed and now I am asking God what he wants to do with that in my life again. For a long time it felt like it was dead. I am very encouraged and hopeful wanting to follow what God is doing. Asking for more intimacy with him in life and in my creative times. I was ministered to, inspired, empowered and equipped!”

“God revealed some good things to me which I am still processing. One of the things I know is I am trying too hard to control things… Some of the best times for me were the the times around the meal tables when we could process what we were hearing, encourage each other and receive encouragement.”

“I had a much needed one-on-one with one of the speakers who ministered to me concerning a 7-year old issue. Extremely helpful. Arrived with a hurting, less-than-enthusiastic frame of mind, and left encouraged and blessed. Will no doubt have an impact on my creativity.”

“I was experiencing a lot of discouragement but came away feeling very encouraged. Got some specific direction from the Lord about me and my involvement in art ministry. Felt empowered.”

“This conference was so empowering for me. I have felt alone, even though I have great people who surround me, they sometimes just don’t get me. I was so excited to meet people who think like me, see the world similar to me. I no longer felt alone and no longer feel like something is wrong with me. I am able to embrace my creative self and that has helped grow closer to God. I am excited to see how God is going to work through me. There was so much great information. It was at times it was overwhelming and I’m still processing…. I loved it.”

“CCC hugely influenced my ministry. I wasn’t sure what to expect – just that it would be inspiring – and it was! I feel like there were several things I ‘took home’ from CCC. The first being that it is OK to just start your ministry and not worry so much about trying to make things perfect. I feel like CCC has been a time of equipping. I loved everything that we did. I found meal times to be the best times to really connect with other attendees. The lunches were so fantastic and creative!”

“The teaching and sharing was excellent. The diversity of experience shared through the speakers and fellow attendees was a real blessing. I felt loved and cared for by the VineArts team. As I face decisions in my arts ministry I feel more empowered to move forward. It was a much-needed time of refreshment.”

“I feel like what I received in my own personal spiritual and artistic growth is going to overflow into how we begin to incorporate the arts better into our worship family. The speaker had a powerful impact on my spiritual growth! It was an incredibly healing moment . . . one which will now inform the rest of my life. I walked away from this conference beyond anything I could have possibly expected!! Thank you!! I believe you are all listening to Holy Spirit in this process and believe you will continue to provide great impact through this conference.”

“I didn’t end up going to any of the workshops. God had other plans for me being there. And as for my creativity, I just soaked in all the beauty surrounding me all weekend. So blessed to be invited to be there. It was exactly what I needed in this juncture of my life. So perfect. So blessed. Thank you, all, again. Words do not exist to express how grateful I am for this weekend.”

“The conference has brought so much more understanding of the importance of art in my life!”

“This year there was an obvious invitational intimacy level that went much deeper than last time. It felt like getting to know your fellow tribesman in your own living room. I gleaned powerful personal insights from the speakers. I loved how real, and approachable they were. One of the nudges I got from the conference is to be balanced in community. I felt a deep place in me groan with yearning to let myself be part of what is around me. And having the blessing of childcare really blessed a friend so much she felt the hand and love of God at the conference! There are sooooooo many more things I could write!!!!!”

“The conference experience completely turned me inside out in a joyous and fulfilling way. God met me in ways and revealed things about Himself and what he saw in me that I were just mere glimpses before. The speakers were outstanding on all levels, offering their walk and experience with God as an artist and believer. The prophetic arts class gave me more insight to the prophetic arts and crushed my own pre-conceived ideas that I had about it. I wish my life was a Creative Conference everyday, but no, God has a purpose where I’m right now. I completely LOVED my time there.”

“The impact of this conference on my life is beyond amazing. It has impacted and influenced our lives and highlighted specifics that God has been working on in our lives. We took what we learned and applied it immediately at our church! That very Sunday we shared what God had released in us with our church and opened our studio doors. Oh gosh! So much is happening after the catalyst which was this conference!! We are very grateful for our time there. I did not have expectations and was delighted with the conference. I think every single session ministered to us in different ways .. On lots of different levels!  Too much to write 🙂 In all aspects I was led in so much love and hope that I can’t think of any constructive criticism 🙂 not long enough? ;)”

“I felt like a sponge, and will definitely encourage other creatives to attend the next one.”

“Completely life changing! I came with high expectations, which were FAR exceeded! It was such a beautiful time of equipping and encouragement. I’m blown away by how all the speakers shared their real selves and were as affected by the conference as the “attenders” were. Truthfully, it was just a big ol’ family reunion with members we hadn’t met yet! And they were doing exactly what they were teaching…risking, creating, loving and sharing in community. I’d love to see much longer night of worship – no one wanted to leave 🙂 I am forever changed by this experience.”

“The weekend opened a wider view of God’s creative power, in all areas of church and our creative call to enter in to his presence, trusting Him to do the work that will inspire others. It was all wonderful!”

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