The Indianapolis conference ran June 3-5, 2016. Watch for the conference videos to be released soon!

This year the Indianapolis Creative Church Conference offered 14 workshop opportunities. Don’t worry, they will all be recorded.

You can see the speaker bios on the speakers page.

Friday June 3rd

1:30-2:30 Workshops

  • Developing Artist Community–Ann Williams

Churches have a unique opportunity to provide a space where artists can find encouragement and connection–Artist Community.  Learn how they focus on that at Lincoln Berean Church’s Visual Voice Community and other churches around the country.

  • Collaborating with the Holy Spirit in Your Creativity–J. Scott McElroy

Artists of faith have the privilege of creating work for the glory of God.  We develop our technical skills and proficiency in our medium, but how do we sharpen our skills for working with the Great Creator?

In this workshop we’ll talk about some of the keys to collaboration with God in your creativity with Finding Divine Inspiration author, J. Scott McElroy.

  • Creating Sacred Space ExperiencesdeAnn Roe

Our lives are filled with responsibilities, distractions, and busyness. It is easy to forget the depth and breadth of God’s love for us. Sacred Spaces are installation environments created for people to encounter God’s love through prayer and reflection and are based on a theme or built around a biblical event using artistic elements. In this workshop, we’ll explore the elements that can make a sacred space experience powerful.

  • Addressing Social and Cultural Issues through Art–Stefan

This workshop will explore how the Cultural Mandate and the Great Commission come together to give artists both an opportunity and a responsibility to address socio-cultural issues through their art.  Case studies from an artist residency in India connecting art and social issues will be presented followed by discussion.

2:45-3:45 Workshops

  • Writing Workshop: Writing for Deeper Church Life–C. Christopher Smith

In this workshop, Slow Church co-author C. Christopher Smith will challenge writers to use their gifts – whether poetry, fiction or nonfiction writing – to tell the story of their church in ways that invite the congregation into reflection, conversation and deeper connection.  Participants will explore a variety of different writing prompts that build on the virtues of truth, gratitude and hope to help us articulate what God has already done in our life together and what we imagine God will do in the future.  We will also discuss outlets for integrating writings of this sort into the life of the church.

  • The Four Pillars of Creativity–Luke McElroy

Luke McElroy works with creative individuals and teams around the country. He’ll share his passion for four principals that are behind any successful creative venture.

  • Producing Live Art in and Through the Church–Jessie Nilo

From live painting on the church platform, to live performance as outreach in the community, VineArts director Jessie Nilo will talk about the power of art produced live art in and through the church.

Saturday June 4th

1:30-2:30 Workshops

  • The Power of a Personal Prayer Art Ministry–J. Scott McElroy

Providing “Personal Prayer Art” is an exciting, interactive way of ministering to people one-on-one with the arts.  Learn how it can become a powerful component of any churches ministry programs. This workshop includes hands-on training.

  • Loving People Through Art–Jason Leith

Saddleback Visual Arts director, Jason Leith talks about a topic that is close to his heart: Practical ways to connect with people and  show God’s love through the arts.

  • Developing Godly Creativity in the Next GenerationdeAnn Roe

deAnn Roe will talk about how to help children and young adults explore creativity as a spiritual practice, as a way to discover their identity is Christ and respond to what God is doing in and through them. Imagine raising up the next generation of creative catalysts and artists to help build God’s kingdom!

2:45-3:45 Workshops

  • Strategies for Making it as an Artist–Kyle Ragsdale, Quincy Owens

Almost all artists in church arts ministries also work outside the church. Making a living as an artist isn’t easy. Learn how these professionals manage to produce and sell work that sustains them (and their families) full-time in a Midwestern market.

  • Displaying Art in Your Church: In the Sanctuary and/or a Gallery–Jessie Nilo, Michael Winters, Cameron Anderson

Most churches have space to display art somewhere in the building. But what are the considerations in doing this? What makes a professional looking, yet affordable gallery? VineArts director Jessie Nilo leads this informative and insightful discussion.

  • Dance in the Church WorkshopRandall Flinn

Randall Flinn, Director of Ad Deum Dance Company (Houston) will lead a discussion of the role of dance in the church; best practices, techniques and the theology behind the art form.

  • The Impact of Creative Design in Worship Spaces: How Space Informs Worship Innovation–Jim VanderMolen and Steve Fridsma

From an architectural perspective, explore how several worship communities have creatively leveraged their spaces, from very finely wrought to ruggedly industrial, to more fully incorporate the fine arts into worship and congregational life.

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